Montgomery Cheetahs Special Hockey - Judy Kimel

Who are the Cheetahs?

Every Saturday morning, bright and early just as the sun rises, you will find the Montgomery Cheetah athletes putting on their gear together with their Middle & High School mentors. This amazing program is led by a dedicated community of parents, volunteer coaches, middle school  and high school mentors, who take to the ice each practice to offer one-on-one assistance and support to each Cheetah player.

Special Hockey Montgomery is a volunteer base adaptive ice hockey program for children with developmental disabilities. In addition to physical hockey skills, the program emphasizes the development of desirable individual characteristics such as dependability, self-reliance, concentration, willingness to share and personal accountability. The game of hockey is used to develop within each player the characteristics that will help the player be more successful both inside and outside a hockey environment.

Here's a peak into a typical mentors and athletes early saturday morning.. 

For more information on this amazing community and mentor opportunities:

3rd Annual Cheetah-thon - The Town Courier

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